My name is Michael Martin I am the managing director at Sensory Bus Ltd, a not for profit social enterprise.

I Started Sensory Bus Ltd when I had struggles with my son who has ASD and Sensory Processing Disorder. Any benefit my son gained from using a sensory environment was lost due to meltdown when it was time to leave.


I then gathered together a focus group to discuss what our children would benefit from most. We agreed on four main issues that would help the children better develop skills to transport them into adulthood.

·         A more accessible Sensory environment

·         A vestibular system to enhance

·         Personalised self-development/independent living training

·         Employability Training aimed at additional needs

Additionally, ASD and SPD training for parents/carers and professionals.

I therefore decided what would be better, is a service that would come to the client, removing some of the triggers of transition.


Then designed a system that would work to help settle the vestibular issues faced in a school setting by having a mobile vestibular circuit, with stations that will stimulate/calm the vestibular system. This service could then be moved from school to school (client to client) to help in this area.


From there I decided that the transition into adulthood for children with ASD and other neurodevelopmental issues is an area that needs addressed. With self-development training to employability, apprenticeships and training courses.


Along with ASD/SPD training we can provide sensory support and supported transitions to our clients in a fun and exciting environment.


My background is looking after young people in our care in a therapeutic environment, delivering a holistic range of quality interventions for children, young People and their families, using measurable standards of excellence.

I worked with young people as young as 6 up to the age of 18 with severe emotional and behavioural difficulties in a city centre setting.

I did this by nurturing social skills including anger management, fairness, and sensitivity, allowing young people to develop companionship skills through literature, sports, games, and music, letting young people know and practice how to express their thoughts and emotions in socially acceptable ways, Encourage young people to take the perspective of others, teaching young people the importance of self-disclosure and responsive listening skills and being a positive role model for the young people in my care.

Working in a multi-agency setting I was able to help the young people in my care overcome several difficulties experienced within their life.

I am also an IANLPC Mindfulness Practitioner and have a Pearson BTEC level 3 in EDUCATION AND TRAINING (QCF)                


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